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One of the ways we bonded together was by exploring new places to shop and sharing our styles with each other. We would look through stores, scope out items that we liked, unique, or expresses who we are. We would talk about whether they were worth it to buy because we knew that - many times, they were either overpriced, poorly made, or part of a fast trend that would quickly go out of style.


After being frustrated many times over, we realized that instead of reacting to what’s out there, we could create a place for people to find trustworthy products that will last and be affordable. Thus, TAHWEN was born — high-quality long lasting accessories and jewelry to fit any budget and uniquely made to fit your style!

We put a lot of care and attention into each piece we craft because we want you to enjoy your piece for a long time. We hand pick high-quality materials just for you. If there are ever any issue with your item, please feel free to contact us with your concerns. Your happiness is our number one priority!



We donate a portion of each sale to local charities worldwide to aid low-income families, children, elderly and disabled. In addition, a portion of each sale is donated towards animal rescue programs. 🐾

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