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Product Care


We recommend hand washing your scrunchies to keep their shape. Wash on a basin or sink full of cool water with a small amount of detergent and rinse well with cool water until water is no longer soapy.


Do not wring, instead press the water out of the scrunchies and air dry. 

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are soft and the risk of damaging pearls are higher if worn everyday, but, with proper care — you can keep your pearls safe even when wearing them everyday.

Always put your pearls on last after lotions, perfumes, hairspray or other chemicals have dried on your skin.

Remove first when done for the day & gently rub each pearl using a soft, damp cloth to remove any surface debris before storing away in a soft pouch away from hard stones or jewelries that may scratch its surface.

Gold-Filled Jewelry

Our jewelries are gold-filled and coated with anti-tarnish to last for a long time.

However, high quality products still need love and care.

We recommend to avoid wearing your jewelry in water to keep the shine long lasting. Avoid contact with perfume, oils, or other chemicals.  

Try to avoid sleeping, and sweating with your jewelry to maintain its luster and shape for a longer time. Keeping your jewelry as dry as possible will help prolong the color and shine. 

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