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Our Materials

We founded TAHWEN on the belief that quality and long lasting pieces do not have to come at a high price. For that reason, we meticulously search and select quality materials yet cost-effective.


Additionally, we strongly believe in caring for our environment. We source as much sustainable materials as we can and endeavor to reduce unnecessary wastes. Excess fabrics are repurposed, our pearls come from a sustainable pearl farm and we use packaging made from 100% recycled materials that are either recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. 

Our Pearli Jewelry line offers a range of 14K, 18K, 24K gold-filled and .925 sterling silver high quality pieces that are made to be long lasting.​​


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All our pearls are 100% genuine cultured pearls . Due to the organic nature of freshwater pearls, your pearls may have some circles or visible flaws and may have a slight variation in color. Freshwater pearls are great for everyday use without the worries of wear and tear. Experiment with new looks with our pearls!

Size: Freshwater Pearl size range from 3mm up to 12 mm. Rare freshwater pearls are called "Edison" pearls which can attain 15mm to 16mm.


Shape: It is very rare to fine a perfectly round freshwater pearls. Most common shapes are off-round, oval or even potato-shaped pearls. Baroque Pearls - is a term that comes from the Portuguese world "barroco" which means imperfect or uneven pearl. Baroque is used to refer to all irregularly shaped pearls. 


Color: Freshwater pearls are known for their completely natural colors ranging from white, peach, pink, and lavender.


Luster: Freshwater pearls are known to display a softer glow often compared to "satin" luster. This gives a blurry reflection and appear to glow rather than the ball bearing shine.


Silk Satin, Polyester, & Cotton

Don't confuse satin as a fabric type! Satin is a form of weave that creates a soft, shiny fabric that is lustrous with a dull surface on the other side. In order for a fabric to be labeled as "satin", it must be made of long fibers usually from polyester, nylon, rayon, or silk that is woven together.


Silk Satin, used in our signature GODDESS collection is lightweight making it well-suited for a scrunchie to protect your delicate hair. No more breakages or split ends! They are the perfect go-to hair accessory to any event! Satin overall is best showcased during formal occasions especially at evening events where they can shine.

Polyester fabric is a lightweight and soft material that provides breathability. Wear our scrunchies in style and comfort that wicks moisture away. Perfect for outdoors.

Cotton is hypoallergenic and helps control moisture while providing comfort and durability. Cotton is a naturally absorbent fabric and unlike synthetic products, cotton helps you dry naturally. Cotton can help absorb excess water from your hair after shower for a quick on the go hair fix.

Hand wash and air dry only.



Gold-filled jewelry lasts longer compared to gold-plated due to the thickness of the outer shell. In addition, the process of bonding the gold to the outer layer of the base metal is far more durable for gold-filled than gold plating. 


  • Gold-Plating process consist of the item dipped into a solution that contains gold or more often gold-colored alloy and zapped with electric current to form an electrochemical reaction that deposits a very thin layer of gold onto the base metal. 

  • Gold-Filled jewelry is made by bonding gold to the core using extreme pressure and heat resulting in a stronger exterior that is not prone to cracking. 

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