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Scrunchies are back and they are better than ever. They help protect your hair from breakage, and keep your hair dent or crease free unlike regular hair ties.

Beauty in a woman is a very personal thing. But there are certain things that come close to the definition of beauty for most women. One such thing would be their hair. If what you have been told all your life is that you need to take care of your hair, then it might be time for you to add scrunchies in your wardrobe, and not just for work out purposes either.

It has been quite some time since scrunchies were in vogue and frankly, they have come a long way since then too!

For instance, these days scrunchies are made from fabrics like silk, polyester satin, cotton, and lace which make them super comfortable to wear. Plus they help protect your hair from breakage and keep its moisture intact.

Many people see them as just an old school trend that is not relevant anymore, but the truth is that they provide so much more than just a simple look. Scrunchies have been around for a long time and were the best accessory for many of our childhoods. But, did you know that these beloved scrunchie benefits extend to their use in the salon industry today?

1. Less Breakage

A scrunchie is a hair tie that is made of fabric and elastic. These hair ties are different from the traditional hair tie because the fabric of the scrunchies lies between your hair and elastic, rather than on top of it. This design means that scrunchies are more gentle on your scalp. They are gentle on your scalp, require less effort to secure them in your hair, they create an elegant look, they come in beautiful colors, they come in beautiful silk or satin fabrics. Perfect for updo's, braids, low or high pony tail.

2. No Dents or Kinks

Scrunchies are versatile hair accessory that you can wear day or night. It will never create a dent or a kink on your hair no matter how long you wear them. Whether you wear them all day or sleep with them (which is good for your hair) you will not have dents! The extra layer of fabric acts as a barrier and helps keep your hair smooth.

3. Never a Bad Hair Day

Don't know what to do with your hair? Feel like you're having a bad hair day? No worries, just grab a scrunchie and problem solved! Put your hair up in a high pony or low pony tail, even better a bun! Don't have time to wash your hair or late for a zoom call? Slick back into a pony tail with your oversized scrunchie and instantly look ready to take on anything.

4. Less Tension Headaches

Regular hair ties often cause headaches due to the tension placed on your scalp. With TAHWEN scrunchies, they are gentle with enough tension to hold your hair. Say goodbye to those tension headaches when you have your hair tied!

5. Wristlet

Supersized scrunchies are totally worth it! Customers are raving about how big they are compared to a standard scrunchie, some even use them as beautiful wristlets! They are much harder to lose than your regular hair tie. Let's be honest, how many of those have you lost? The amount you invest in one scrunchie is surely less than what you would spend on sets of a standard hair tie.

Your hair is an extremely important part of your personality. Your hair speaks volumes about your personality, so it’s important to take care of them in the best way possible. You may not know this but with time, your hair can get damaged with the incorrect hair products. But with good care and the right products, you can ensure that they stay healthy and strong! That’s why investing in products for your hair is just as important as the skin-care routine you maintain on a daily basis.

Our hair requires an even higher level of care than our skin, hair damages are irreparable. Give your hair the chance to flourish with the correct hair tie and you will never regret it!

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